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Budda. Dzieciak '98

Potentially harmful up to 12 years



Budda. Dzieciak '98

Release date : 19 Apr 2024

With Wojciech Gola, Krzysztof Hołowczyc, Kamil „Budda” Labudda, by Krystian Kuczkowski, Kamil „Budda” Labudda

Kamil Labudda comes from Krakow, where the children faced a difficult challenge: his father was an alcoholic, and on his 18th birthday his mother kicked him out of the house. Be left homeless, but love his girlfriend, with whom they still love each other to this day. These events with a delay that within a few years he was a multimillionaire idol of Polish teenagers. All his Instagram and Youtube accounts are followed by over 2 people. Your sports car driving videos are shot using cameras and drones. After the best shots, he did not hesitate to go to Chernobyl. This is the story of his life, which revealed the recipe for success on the Internet. It is an extraordinary, universal story about the strength of character and determination to make your dreams come true.

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