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Fasel Men El Lahazat El Lazeeza




Fasel Men El Lahazat El Lazeeza

Release date : 12 Apr 2024

With Mohammed Tharwat, Hana El Zahed, Hesham Maged, Bayoumi Fouad, Taha Desouky, by Ahmed El Gendy

"Saleh" (played by Hesham Maged) and "Doria" (played by Hana El Zahed) are a couple living a miserable life. They have a problematic son who constantly causes them trouble, and they always blame each other for these problems and shirk responsibility. One day, after a big fight between them, Doria leaves the house and Saleh remains alone. Saleh discovers the emergence of a strange luminous gate in the attic of his house. He passes through the gate to find a parallel world where there is a better version of his house, family, and life. The events unfold in a comedic framework with the participation of Bayoumi Fouad and Mohamed Tharwat.

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